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at a Time

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We provide an enchanting environment so that you can experience the magic of Ballroom Dance. Your achievements are our achievements.  

Our Mission at A Step to Gold:

To give you the Triangle’s Finest Dance Experience with professional dance teachers that are dedicated to your personal dance development and growth; also, to provide you with a memorable experience in all studio activities and functions with a culture of fun, friendship and achievement.

What do you want to gain?

Social Grace, Overall Health & Fitness, Competition Skills?

There are many reasons to ballroom dance. Whether you are looking to refine and compete, or simply improve your social dancing, Ballroom Dance at A Step to Gold gives you social grace and the benefits of overall health and fitness.  Don’t wait any longer to jump in, we cannot wait to meet you!

Why Dance? Why Not Dance?

From the fitness standpoint, few cardio activities rival dance in its ability to bring fast results in a very fun environment. Instead of spending hours on a treadmill staring at a TV screen with headphones on in relative isolation from the world, many prefer dancing and interacting while losing weight. Dance is an excellent way to get into shape and to stay in shape. It builds muscles that stay long and lean rather than bulky. It also helps with posture, grace, and self-confidence.

The first positive benefit of taking ballroom dance lessons is the confidence boost. Dancing improves confidence tremendously. Even in the event you are nervous about dancing in front of others (and to be perfectly honest, plenty of dancers are nervous before performing), you will still be confident and grow from the whole experience. It might take a small time to progress from nervous to confident, but one time you start to feel comfortable with what you are learning and doing, you will sparkle not only in your dancing but also in the remainder of your life.

Dancing at A Step to Gold will increase your happiness – seriously. Ballroom dancing is exercise, fun exercise, but exercise nevertheless. Exercise improves mood by boosting healthy levels of serotonin. Not only that, but watching your body morph in to a powerful, lean, dancing machine will most likely boost your happiness and your confidence one time again.

Dancing not only builds and improves muscle tone, but it also improves your posture and charm. Through offering Stretch and Strengthen classes at A Step to Gold, there is an emphasis on lengthening your body, which also lengthens your backbone and corrects posture issues. In the event you have a serious spinal injury, dance classes are definitely not recommended until you have fully recovered.

The best part about learning to ballroom dance at A Step to Gold is the chance to meet some new people and make great friends. Most of these people will be at the same level as you, so you can practice together and help each other out. There are even more specific reasons to try ballroom dance lessons but it would probably take a novel to list all of them.  As there are multifaceted advantages of dancing, you should try it once, definitely.

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