Wedding Dance Lessons

Come Meet Us!

Our wedding packages include private lessons, group lessons and practice sessions for full-service support. They range from $300 to $1200 depending on how elaborate the dance and  your ability.  Therefore, we do a wedding consult for $25 to give you a chance to see if we are a good fit.  We start with letting you pick out a walk-on and teach it to you.  Then we pick out the dance(s) with the music and consider choreography. Then we teach you the basic step, go over the class schedule and give you options. There is no obligation to buy after the consultation.

Wedding Consultation and Lesson – ONLY $25

First, we’ll introduce you to a friendly, fun specialist. You’ll start by sharing your vision for your wedding. Then you’ll get out on the floor to try a few basic moves. You’ll be surprised at how comfortable you feel and how fun it is! In the end, your specialist will help you put together a plan that is just right for you. We will address all of your concerns: your budget, your confidence and your dream for your ideal wedding dance.

wedding first dance lessons

Sweet and Simple

3 lessons
Let’s say you just want to learn a few easy basics or let’s be real: you have a week until the wedding; and, it suddenly hits you that you’ll be dancing in front of your 200 closest friends! This package is for you. In just three lessons we can make sure you feel comfortable out there with a few simple moves.

Something Special

6 lessons
In six lessons you can learn the basics as well as a few special spins and turns. Finish off your dance with a classic dip, or fun finale. Your instructor will be sure to allow time for you to practice so you feel confident on the big day.

Classic Wedding

12 lessons
Convey the warmth and love you have for each other with a personalized dance to your favorite song. You’ll have lots of practice fine-tuning and styling your dance. If you like, you’ll even be able to include some fancy signature moves.
Additional lessons may be added to any package, at any time.