I do Virtual Consultations on Zoom!

I help engaged couples by guiding them through the process of learning their First Dance so that they can have a First Dance that reflects the beginning of a new life together as man and wife and serves as a great memory for years to come.

Free Dance Music Consultation–15 minutes to talk with Melanie about what dances you can do to your first dance music! Don’t miss this opportunity! It will help clarify your next steps.

Wedding Dance Lessons

Meet Me!

Our wedding programs in-house, include private lessons, group lessons and practice sessions for full-service support. They range from $300 to $1200 depending on how elaborate the dance and your ability. Therefore, I do a wedding consult for $35 to give you a chance to see if we are a good fit. I begin with letting you pick out a walk-on and teach it to you. Then we pick out the dance(s) with the music and consider choreography. Then I teach you the basic step, go over the class schedule and give you options. There is no obligation to buy after the consultation.

Wedding Consultation and Lesson – ONLY $35

One option after the consultation? Go HERE!

First, you will be working with me, Melanie Dale, the Ballroom Dance Mentor. You’ll start by sharing your vision for your wedding. Then you’ll get out on the floor to try a few basic moves. You’ll be surprised at how comfortable you feel and how fun it is! In the end, I will help you put together a plan that is just right for you. I will address all of your concerns: your budget, your confidence and your dream for your ideal wedding dance.

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