How does a Socially Distanced Date Night work?

Date night raleigh

Do you want to come to our Socially Distanced Dinner Dance but you’re not sure how it works or if it’s safe?

Safety was top of our mind when we planned these and as much as I want to reassure you that this event is safe for you to attend, only you can decide  what level of risk is safe for you and your family. That being said here is a simple how to enjoy a Socially Distanced Dinner Dance:

1. Call the Ballroom (919)781-6868 to reserve your tickets! To accommodate for social distancing measures we have a limited number of tickets each time. 

2. Come to the ballroom and before you get out of the car ? MASK UP! Masks are required at certain times of the night. 

3. After coming up to the stair or elevator you will arrive in our large covered outdoor atrium space. You will then hit the hand sanitizer station and we will hand you, your prepackaged dinner selection. Make your way to one of our tables. Tables are set for just you and your date and placed 6 ft apart from other tables. After your seated take off your mask and enjoy the meal. 

4. After dinner mask up again, grab your partner and hit the dance floor! Our outdoor dance floor has been mapped out with large boxes. You and your partner will get a box just to yourselves with other dancers spaced out across the floor.

5. Have fun! In this crazy upside down world we live in right now life can be stressful. We hope that these dinner dances will offer you a ray of light to look forward to and some time to destress with your partner.  

Excited about our next Dinner Dance? Call (919)781-6868 to get your ticket. Tickets are $25 per person.