We all know the First Dance in a wedding is one of the most important and exciting part of the wedding. But… where did it come from? How did this tradition start? Well, dating back to Once Upon a Time of Kings and Queens, every ball or special event would commence with a dance. It would be lead by the guest of honor (in modern day it would be what we know as the bride and groom’s first dance which is lead by them.) The first dance is the grand opening of a wedding, a celebration of this new wonderful life that has just begun!

The first dance has progressed into a tradition that is included in every wedding. The art of Waltz was what would be performed at these balls by the guest of honor, we don’t see too much of that now, we usually see more of a simple dance (swaying back and forth). Many couples though, are now opting to take wedding dance lessons and end up finding out this can not only be used on the wedding day, but it’s also very useful when going out with friends that may want to go to out for a fun night of dancing or when attending other events that will include music or even another person’s wedding!

When performing your first dance, it should be something so very special to you and your spouse that you will treasure and remember for as long as you both shall live. It can be used as a way to symbolize your journey from start to finish and should be an expression of your unending love. Think of this as a new opportunity to express your love through dance by showcasing your chemistry and connection for your loved one for others to see and for them to experience.

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