Choosing your perfect First Dance is one of the most fun, exciting and important things of planning your wedding.

When choosing your song, it should be something special to the both of you, something that when you hear the song it’ll take you back to your wedding day and overwhelm you with a sense of love from your partner!  Here’s a few ways to help you narrow down a song for you:

  1. Pick something meaningful.

Pick your first dance music that describes your relationship or feelings for one another.

  1. Look at the lyrics and consider your love story.

Consider your love story and the lyrics to the music. Does it express your love for one another? Maybe it explains how you met or stages in your relationship.

  1. Use your venue as inspiration.

If you’re having your wedding in a ballroom, maybe do some ballroom dancing. If your wedding is a barn wedding, maybe use some country music.

The possibilities of what you can choose are endless, take some time to carefully pick the perfect dance song! After all, you want your wedding guests to remember this day, make it something that when they hear the song they’ll instantly think back to your wedding day and the awesome dance you did.

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