I give Melanie Dale and A Step To Gold International Ballroom a “five-star” rating! I have known Melanie for more than 20 years, and she is absolutely incredible! Not only is she an accomplished dancer and instructor, but she is one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever met! My husband and I began taking private and group lessons from Melanie at her first dance studio, a tiny, one-room building in downtown Wendell. We were beginning dancers without much talent, but Melanie was always patient and encouraging, and we gradually made progress. After a few years, we witnessed the evolution of Melanie’s dream – the creation of a beautiful, world-class ballroom studio in Raleigh! After an extensive search for the perfect location, she finally selected a lovely venue overlooking the Pleasant Valley Promenade and proceeded to hire other outstanding ballroom teachers to assist her with the growing number of students. The development of this new studio took a huge amount of work, but Melanie was determined and worked very hard to make her dream become reality! Over the years, Melanie has put her heart and soul into the development of this model studio, and her efforts have paid off. A Step To Gold International Ballroom is now considered one of the top ballroom studios in North Carolina, with dozens of excellent dance instructors and numerous students. If you are student searching for a ballroom dance school, this is the place for you! Whether you are seeking to compete in Dance Sport or just want to dance socially, you could not find a better learning environment! The instructors are talented, the staff is very helpful, and the environment is friendly. The group classes and dance parties are really fun and a great way to meet other nice dancers! Congratulations, Melanie, on creating a little “ballroom paradise” in Raleigh!” Barbara Atlee, DVM

“Why did I wait until I was 60 to do this!?  For years I was convinced I had two, three or even six left feet and social dancing was just not something I could ever do well enough not to embarrass myself or my partner.   I came to A Step To Gold, just to look.  People were already dancing and there seemed to be a party  with more than 35 people going on.  I stood at the edge of the large dance floor, next to the impromptu DJ  and some light refreshments.  Before I could even think of a good reason to say no, one of the instructors came over, offering to show me simple dance steps some of the couples swirling around me were doing.   I was put completely at ease almost from the first second we started moving.  Soon, I was not necessarily dancing with the best of ’em– but I was dancing.  Several other dance instructors cut in, showing me more variations on the simple box step I was starting with. A half hour later, I felt like I had just completed my first solo flight.  I could do this!  I bought some dancing shoes right there, signed up for lessons and have not been disappointed since.   I have set two goals–learn to Viennese waltz well; and learn to do a sensual tango.  At A Step To Gold, both goals are quite within reach.  If I’ve got the open mind and the time, they’ve got the dance floor and the instructors.  I am sure soon I shall have to buy another pair of dancing shoes and find a wholesale source of thornless roses for my tango partners. “ Joel Haas, Sculptor www.joelhaasstudio.com

“I have been with the studio for five months. I came to learn Tango and to become more comfortable on a social dance floor. I want to be the best dancer I can be and I have more confidence, better polish and more variety of moves.” Rick Hinckley, Game Developer

“I came here two years ago at the recommendation of friends. I want to become a better dancer, make new friends, laugh and have fun and gain self-confidence. I’ve achieved much of the above and want to continue. I love this place and all my new friends.” Allison Black, Senior Corporate Paralegal

“I came to A Step To Gold two years ago for dance and exercise. I wanted to increase my endurance and have met nice people and increased my level of dance.” Pat Hauswald, Retired RN

“Since I’ve been a student at ASTG I have danced there about 5X a week taking full advantage of the group classes and parties.  Being immersed in the ASTG program has improved my dancing.” Cathy Wallwork

“Everyone has been really nice and accommodating.  This place is the highlight of my week.  I really enjoy coming here. It reduces stress and helps me accomplish one of my goals to become ballroom dancer.” Priscilla Smith, Property Manager

“I came to A Step to Gold four months ago to learn to dance. I want to familiarize myself with a variety of social dances to allow for comfort and skill on the dance floor. I learned that I might just be able to pull off this dancing thing.” Anthony Angelini, Clinical Researcher

“We like that the studio atmosphere is informal and friendly…The teaching is good and our favorite dance is the Cha Cha. We have fun learning new dances.” Richard & Karen Tsang, Engineer & Nurse

“Over the last few years, my wife had her hip replaced and I had my knee replaced. As a result, we had gotten way out of shape. We were looking for a fun way to get back in shape and the gym wasn’t it. Since we’ve enjoyed dancing we went looking for somewhere we could improve our dancing and … get in shape. Now I admit it’s only been a few months but we’re having a ball ;-). We were fortunate to get Melanie as our instructor and she has been great with us. Patient, strong, fun are all words I’d use to describe Melanie. We’ll never be competitive ballroom dancers but that wasn’t our goal. The goal was to get into better shape and have fun. Mission in process of being accomplished. So, if you’re looking for a GREAT group of people to join with to have a wonderful time while you’re learning to dance, I couldn’t recommend A Step to Gold and Melanie more highly.”   Dick & Carmen Ingersoll

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