There are many different types of dances one can have at a wedding reception. You may want to keep it simple and limit the number of special dances to have more time to party or you may want many choreographed moments for your guests and bridal party to watch. There is no wrong or right way to go about it just comes down to what feels right to you!

Some of the dances you may want to consider:

  • Bridal party entrance
  • First dance
  • Father/daughter
  • Mother/son
  • In-laws dance
  • Mother/daughter
  • Father/son
  • Sister/brother/sibling

You may also want to pick out music for the bouquet toss, garter removal, and garter toss.

After deciding on which dances you want to include at your reception, you will need to work on deciding what dances you will want to dance for those dances. Do you want a slow romantic moment for your first dance? Consider a nightclub two step or a slow dance. Have a favorite song from your time as a couple that is a fast paced? Think about a Swing or Hustle. If your music is in ¾ time it may be suited for a Viennese Waltz. But unless the two of you are practiced dancers we would recommend skipping the Viennese Waltz for something a bit easier like a Valse. It’s a bit more graceful and romantic too.  We highly recommend working with an experienced dance professional for your first dance together as a married couple. As the mother of ballroom dance I know we can help you with your first dance here at A  Step to Gold. Music can be interpreted many ways and its best to have a skilled professional guide you. They can help you make it a truly memorable moment.  Don’t forget on the day of to get someone to video it for you! Whether its your videographer or your maid of honor on their iPhone. The video can be a great memory to watch on your anniversary for years to come!

If you decide to have a bridal party entrance song and dance, you will need to make sure that everyone is on board and committed to practicing it both at home and together. It doesn’t need to be super complicated flashy choreographed number to make a fun show for your other guest to enjoy. The biggest thing is making sure everyone in your party feels confident in the steps and is having a great time making the entrance.  If your guests see your bridal party having fun not only will they enjoy it they will also be encouraged to join in on the fun!

Other fun dances you may want to consider:

Anniversary Dance:

This dance is a great way to honor all your married guests. There are many different ways to do it but the one we have seen most often goes like this: the DJ plays a song and asks all the married couples to get on the dance floor and then slowly starts asking anyone married for ____ number of hours, days, weeks or years to leave. It starts with the shortest amount of time ending with the longest married couple on the dance floor.

Money dance:

Also sometimes known as the dollar dance. This dance started as a European tradition and we occasionally see it in the US. The idea is simple if a guests wants to dance with the bride they give a small sum of money. Sometimes its pinned to the dress, sometimes it put in to an apron the bride wears, and other times it’s given to the best man for safe keeping.  The money is usually used for the honeymoon or for setting up the new house.

Line Dances:

Cupid shuffle anyone? Or the Cha Cha slide, the twist, Macarena just to name a few. These fun upbeat dances tend to be very popular. They are easy to do nearly everyone already knows the steps and are an easy way to get even your most shy guests up on their feet.

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