I have known Melanie Dale for over 25 years and consider her a consummate professional in every way. She is extremely energetic and encouraging to anyone that she works with.  Her passion for dance and people carries her through each day and she is relentless when it comes to setting and completing her goals. Melanie is fair and ethical, inspiring, conscientious and self  disciplined and anyone that she trains is lucky to have the opportunity.”


Victoria Regan, Ballroom Dance Champion & Broadway Performer

“I came to A Step to Gold because they offer the Ballroom Teacher’s College and am seeking my DVIDA Certification. It’s a wonderful opportunity to expand my ballroom dance abilities and knowledge.”

Chris James, Wake Tech Instructor

“I came here two years ago at the recommendation of friends. I want to become a better dancer, make new friends, laugh, have fun and gain self-confidence. I’ve achieved much of the above and want to continue. I love this place and all my new friends.”

Allison Black, Senior Corporate Paralegal
“I came to A Step to Gold two years ago for dance and exercise. I wanted to increase my endurance and have met nice people and increased my level of dance.”
Pat Hauswald, Retired RN

“I began with A Step to Gold a year and a half ago to take lessons for a wedding. I want to become a better social dancer and I know now general dance steps.”

Tom Gerteisen, Consultant
“I have just started the Ballroom Teachers Training College in Phoenix, Arizona (18 month long program). I completed 3 days of the course on a Friday evening (5 hours), Saturday (8 hours) and Sunday (6 hours). It was one of the most challenging AND rewarding life experiences I have ever undertaken. It was tough – my brain was more “fried” than actually my body was! Big surprise! But if your passion is dancing then in my opinion this is the only way to go! Why? Because you will learn all the dances (American Rhythm and Smooth) dances in a relatively short period of time, can participate rapidly both socially (you will know other dancers from the class who can dance with you – you don’t need to be a wallflower if female), compete if you wish (the latter are tremendous fun!) and best of all get great great exercise for your body and your mind. As you get older (I am 62 – ughh) any new tricks to keep both body and mind “IN SHAPE” are to be pursued diligently especially if you have FUN doing them!”
Dr. Catherine A. Ricks, Former ASTG Ballroom Teachers Training Graduate

“I give Melanie Dale and A Step To Gold International Ballroom a “five-star” rating! I have known Melanie for more than 20 years, and she is absolutely incredible! Not only is she an accomplished dancer and instructor, but she is one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever met! My husband and I began taking private and group lessons from Melanie at her first dance studio, a tiny, one-room building in downtown Wendell. We were beginning dancers without much talent, but Melanie was always patient and encouraging, and we gradually made progress. After a few years, we witnessed the evolution of Melanie’s dream – the creation of a beautiful, world-class ballroom studio in Raleigh! After an extensive search for the perfect location, she finally selected a lovely venue overlooking the Pleasant Valley Promenade and proceeded to hire other outstanding ballroom teachers to assist her with the growing number of students. The development of this new studio took a huge amount of work,
but Melanie was determined and worked very hard to make her dream become reality! Over the years, Melanie has put her heart and soul into the development of this model studio, and her efforts have paid off. A Step To Gold International Ballroom is now considered one of the top ballroom studios in North Carolina, with dozens of excellent dance instructors and numerous students. If you are student searching for a ballroom dance school, this is the place for you! Whether you are seeking to compete in Dance Sport or just want to dance socially, you could not find a better learning environment! The
instructors are talented, the staff is very helpful, and the environment is friendly. The group classes and dance parties are really fun and a great way to meet other nice dancers! Congratulations, Melanie, on creating a little “ballroom paradise” in Raleigh!”

Barbara Atlee

“Dancing for me as a lost kid gave me the direction, dedication and meaning to life that I so needed as a teenager. If it weren’t for the persistence of my friends to get me to a dance class I have no idea where I would be today. Dancing has not only given me confidence but I have also met the woman of my dreams through ballroom dancing. Under great teaching techniques by Melanie Dale I learned so quickly & easily, that in no time I was moving and grooving on the dance floor. Not only did she teach me to be a good social dancer she also coached me to become a U. S amateur Latin Champion, for that I will always be grateful. If it wasn’t for Melanie I wouldn’t be where I am today in life, dancing & business. I would highly recommend Melanie Dale for everyone to take lessons from her.”

Tommy Ditommasso, National Coach & Choreographer