“I came to A Step to Gold because they offer the Ballroom Teacher’s College and am seeking my DVIDA Certification. It’s a wonderful opportunity to expand my ballroom dance abilities and knowledge.”

Chris James, Wake Tech Instructor

“I have been with the studio for five months. I came to learn Tango and to become more comfortable on a social dance floor. I want to be the best dancer I can be and I have more confidence, better polish and more variety of moves.”

Rick Hinckley, Game Developer

“I came here two years ago at the recommendation of friends. I want to become a better dancer, make new friends, laugh, have fun and gain self-confidence. I’ve achieved much of the above and want to continue. I love this place and all my new friends.”

Allison Black, Senior Corporate Paralegal
“I came to A Step to Gold four months ago to learn to dance. I want to familiarize myself with a variety of social dances to allow for comfort and skill on the dance floor. I learned that I might just be able to pull off this dancing thing.”
Anthony Angelini, Clinical Researcher
“My mom is a ballroom dancer and I want to become a ballroom dancer pro. I’ve learned Cha Cha and Foxtrot, and I know them very well.”
Layli Walters, 2nd grade student at Brentwood

“I started with A Step to Gold for ten years. I wanted to learn to dance and meet girls. I have met several.”

Bill Jefferson, Photographer
“I came to A Step to Gold two years ago for dance and exercise. I wanted to increase my endurance and have met nice people and increased my level of dance.”
Pat Hauswald, Retired RN
“I came here five months ago to see what they had to offer. I wanted to get better and to advance. I know that there is always room for improvement on the fundamentals.”
Joyce Walker, Computer Controller

“I began with A Step to Gold a year and a half ago to take lessons for a wedding. I want to become a better social dancer and I know now general dance steps.”

Tom Gerteisen, Consultant
“I have just started the Ballroom Teachers Training College in Phoenix, Arizona (18 month long program). I completed 3 days of the course on a Friday evening (5 hours), Saturday (8 hours) and Sunday (6 hours). It was one of the most challenging AND rewarding life experiences I have ever undertaken. It was tough – my brain was more “fried” than actually my body was! Big surprise! But if your passion is dancing then in my opinion this is the only way to go! Why? Because you will learn all the dances (American Rhythm and Smooth) dances in a relatively short period of time, can participate rapidly both socially (you will know other dancers from the class who can dance with you – you don’t need to be a wallflower if female), compete if you wish (the latter are tremendous fun!) and best of all get great great exercise for your body and your mind. As you get older (I am 62 – ughh) any new tricks to keep both body and mind “IN SHAPE” are to be pursued diligently especially if you have FUN doing them!”
Dr. Catherine A. Ricks, Former ASTG Ballroom Teachers Training Graduate
“I also began with A Step to Gold a year and a half ago to prepare for my son’s wedding. I want to learn Viennese Waltz and I no longer trip and can sometimes be lead.”
Jane Gerteisen, Potter
“Hello Melanie. I just wanted to let you know that Dan & Carole did an amazing job with our residents last week! Not only were they performers and instructors… they interacted with the residents and helped them have such a wonderful experience. I’ve had numerous comments from the residents about how much they loved it and they want me to plan another event like this in the future. I’m sure I will be in touch as the schedule & budget allows… I would love to bring Dan & Carole back.

Thanks again for providing a wonderful service/experience for our residents!”

Kari O'Brien, Wellness Coordinator, Springmoor LifeCare Retirement Community