• 6 weeks of Private Groups Classes with Melanie learning the basics in Salsa, Slow Dance, Hustle and Shag
  • 3 Newcomer Class and Practice Parties
    1st &  3rd Tuesdays at 7:30 til 9:00pm
  • Bonus:  Virtual Program  "Master the Elements of Social Dance"
From a customer
I have been a student at ASTG for about 15 years. After taking group classes for a couple of years I started private lessons. Doing so entitled me to attend some ongoing group classes and practice sessions. At times there have been specially focused short courses (occasionally by distinguished visiting instructors).  
I have had a number of instructors over the years. They have all been skilled teachers, patient, and fun to take lessons from. I have learned a lot of steps, patterns, and technique.
I have learned, at various levels, 14-15 dances. My preference has been to simply get instruction and dance. Had I wanted to I could have worked with an instructor (or other student) to develop and perfect routines to be presented to the other students and even to have entered and traveled to competitions.
A big benefit from this experience has been the interaction with a great group of students from a wide range of ages and many walks of life. Some have become good friends who I look forward to seeing in classes and practice sessions. At times my wife and I have met with other students for dinner at restaurants, attended parties, and gone to theater performances.
Finally, my days at ASTG have provided physical exercise combined with mental stimulation.
Some of our Students

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