Everyone can learn to dance!

Our Programs

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the most effective way to learn how to dance. You get personal attention from a professional teacher. We start by listening to what you want to get out of your dance experience. Then we customize lessons to meet your needs. Learn at your ideal pace and comfort level. You can take private lessons as an individual or a couple. Call now to schedule your first private lesson!


Weddings Dances In-Person or Virtually

Feel confident in front of your friends and family as you take the floor for your first dance. Let our instructors help you put together the perfect dance for your personality, schedule and budget. Create a memory that will last a lifetime. A $35 wedding consultation includes a lesson and determines what you need for your dream dance.

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Group Classes

Group Classes are being held in person (limited numbers) and virtually. They are a great way to learn different dance styles, pick up fun moves, and meet new people! Each class focuses on two specific dances and ability levels. Teachers break down steps into parts for easy learning. Check out our group class schedule for details and call us today to get started.

Group Classes are Included in all of our Dance Programs.

Practice Parties

A Step to Gold hosts practice parties every 1st and 3rd Tuesday nights for Newcomers/Guests at 7:30 pm til 9:00 pm and on 1st and 3rd Friday nights at 7:30 til 9:00pm for everyone. Admission is included in tuition for Medalist students and $15 for the public. They are a fun way for you to try out your new moves. We offer a relaxed and friendly environment for you to dance and you are more than welcome to bring a bottle of wine or your favorite appetizer. Our music includes all of the ballroom dances including swing, salsa, cha-cha, tango, waltz, and more. At any skill level, you are welcome to join and dance with us! Come where the party is: A Step to Gold!

Practice Parties are Included in he tDiscovery and Medalist Programs.


Bungee Swing

Come to feel like a kid again and unleash your inner superhero!
It’s a bird! it’s a plane! It’s… full-grown adults having the time of their lives on bungee cords!
Who says gravity is limiting? Spend your afternoon or evening with Melanie, or Antoinette and jump, invert, dance, bounce, leap, orbit, spin and fly like you are on the moon!
In Bungee Swing class you wear a climbing harness attached to bungees which are attached to the ceiling. The bungees give you levity and buoyancy as if dancing in the lower gravity of the moon. The endless possibilities allow you to move solo or in contact improvisation.

Classes are held Monday evenings, Tuesday mornings, Saturdays, and Sundays. Check out the schedule on our home page calendar. Secure your spot for $20!
At this moment in time, our bungees allow weights up to 400 pounds.

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Crave the spotlight? Showcases are an awesome opportunity to develop and show off your creative talents. Your personal instructor works to craft and choreograph every moment of your dance just for you. Performances are held every couple of months and are performed right here in the studio. Invite your friends and family to see you shine!


Want to take it to the next level?
National competitions let you challenge yourself and test your dance skills. We pride ourselves on preparing our students well to compete in nationally recognized competitions. Our students nail it on the dance floor to bring home awards. Gorgeous dresses, slick suits, and crystals everywhere make these competitions an extraordinary experience. We’d love to help you get out there and dance with the best! We are now taking part in virtual ballroom competitions!


Private Events

A Step to Gold Ballroom offers fun options to liven up your private party or corporate event. Customized group classes may be held at our studio. Dance is a great team-building activity. It’s a fresh and different way to entertain your guests. We’d love to add something special to your next event!

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Studio Rental

Looking for a great spot for a party, workshop, or event? A Step to Gold Ballroom is conveniently located near I-40 and I-540 off Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh and has three event spaces that may be rented separately or together. With a huge dance floor, a great sound system, and a clean, fresh look, A Step to Gold is a great location to get together and have some fun. Give us a call to find out more!

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