BDM Ballroom Dance Virtual Quickstart Program

$250.00 $57.00

In this ballroom dance virtual program, Melanie will teach you the 5 basic components of ballroom dance; and, how to hold your partner, and different rhythms that are popular.  My goal is to work on performing these components until they are comfortable for you.  Ballroom Dance Mentor will teach you to dance the basics in several social dances which will introduce you to different rhythms. Dancing is pure fun! It also builds confidence!

If you are past the basics, Melanie will teach you some variations to enhance your dancing skills. One of the most popular patterns is the box step. You will learn the box step, which I will cover in detail in several dances.  Give it a try. See how easy it is to learn with the “Mother of Ballroom Dancing in Raleigh”, Melanie Dale!


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