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    Discovery Program

    FIVE 40-Minute Virtual Private Lessons with Melanie or Riccardo 1 Month of Unlimited Group Classes with Melanie
    • Ballroom Dance Group class on your level
    • Saturday Stretch and Strengthen
    • Sunday Night Line Dance
    All from the comfort of your home!  We meet you where you ARE, physically and mentally.  
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    Say you don't have any rhythm OR You have two left feet?  Our sample quickstart program is just for you. Why don't you let the professionals tell you that.  Our way of teaching is very simple and broken down into 5 basic components...made easy for you.  Dancing is like walking.  You were born with a natural rhythm! We will introduce you to the basics in several of the ballroom dances that are fundamental in your learning experience.
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    It is never too early to make plans for your First Dance!  This can be done in person after the Covid-19 restrictions or VIRTUALLY.  Your First Dance is a tradition to cherish for many years to come and can be fun and adventurous or simple and elegant.  The consultation will help you figure out what you want to do to your favorite music and how to go about learning. There is no obligation to buy after the consultation if you do not think we are a perfect fit.  We are here to enlighten and support you in your journey.

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