Friday, June  17
A Step to Gold International
6278 Glenwood Avenue
Suite 200 (2nd floor over Intrex)
Raleigh, NC  Pleasant Valley Promenade  919-899-2906  
Private  Meetup Freestyle Class
  • Explore movement in a fun way!
  • Never be a wallflower at a club or party!
  • Find what makes you smile again!
Trusted By Top Dance Experts...
Didio Barrera, Featured Editor at DanceSport News Magazine

Vicki Regan, Ballroom Dance Champion & Broadway Performer


Tommy Ditommasso, National Coach & Choreographer

“Dancing for me as a lost kid gave me the direction, dedication, and meaning to life that I so needed as a teenager. If it weren’t for the persistence of my friends to get me to a dance class I have no idea where I would be today.
Dancing has not only given me confidence but I have also met the woman of my dreams through ballroom dancing. Under great teaching techniques by Melanie Dale, I learned so quickly & easily, that in no time I was moving and grooving on the dance floor. Not only did she teach me to be a good social dancer she also coached me to become a U. S amateur Latin Champion, for that I will always be grateful. If it wasn’t for Melanie I wouldn’t be where I am today in life, dancing & business. I would highly recommend Melanie Dale for everyone to take lessons from her.”
"The Best Things Happen On The Dance Floor"
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