How to improve your posture through dance!

Are you working from home this year? Spending countless hours hunched over in front of a computer screen? Taking zoom meetings from your couch? Then you need to start taking dance lessons!

All of the sitting and staring at the screen is really quite bad for your back. You are putting extra wear and tear on the delicate disks in your back and expending extra energy for the poor alignment. You are probably dealing with lower back pain than ever before.  Poor posture also decreases your circulation and reduces your lung capacity. But the good news is dance can help correct all of this!

Good posture is imperative to ballroom dance!  The nature of ballroom dance requires it. So, we practice it every lesson. You will see and hear your instructor model it for you.

If you have ever taken a ballroom dance lesson before you have undoubtedly heard your teacher say “shoulders back, head up!”. Keeping good posture while you are dancing is so important. It helps you keep your balance, prevent injury and exude elegance. As your practice your dancing you also retrain your brain and muscles to keep that good posture and open up chest, increasing your lung capacity, improving your breathing and your energy levels.

stretching for dance

Dancing also improves your core strength. You can feel your core working with every step.  Everyone thinks that the muscles in your back are what is working to keep their posture aligned but really it is your core muscles doing all the work. Improving those core muscles will also help your balance, an added bonus. We offer at A Step to Gold a weekly course called Stretch and Strengthen where we work on stretching out and building up those core muscles to keep that good posture we practice in our lessons. We have students who rave about how this class has helped them. We even had a student stop going to the chiropractor after taking this class! He had built up his core enough that going to the chiropractor was moot. So amazing what dance can do!

Coming to lessons, practice sessions and classes like Strength and Straighten will give you ample opportunities to practice having correct posture so keeping yourself properly aligned feels natural outside of the ballroom. Which in turn will help you have less back pain, prevent injury to your spine, increase circulation and improve your breathing!

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