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From Rocky Terrain to Smooth Sailing on the Dance Floor

In 5 Weeks or Less Guaranteed!

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Good relationships are made, they don’t just happen!

  • Have you lost the spark in your relationship?
  • Are your communication styles causing you to drift apart?
  • Are you feeling discouraged, lonely or misunderstood?
  • Would you like to regain that initial intimacy and laughter you once shared?

What if, in five weeks or less, you could…

  • Fall in love all over again?

  • Have a stronger, healthier relationship?

  • Release feelings of resentment or unresolved conflicts?

  • Feel more connected and synchronized with your partner?

  • Laugh and enjoy each other the way you use to?

During this time of seclusion, anxiety, and loneliness, we all need something to lift us up and get us moving in a positive way. Wouldn’t you like to reignite the spark in your relationship, feel more connected than you have in a long time, have fun, and feel more alive just dancin’ at home!?

The only problem is…

You might be thinking to yourself:

  • I’ll never be able to learn how to do it right.

  • “I don’t want to look like a fool.

  • “I’ll step all over my partner’s feet.

  • “It’ll take too long for me to be good enough.

  • “Maybe I’m too old to learn this.”


– Igniting romance through Slow Dance without any embarrassment, stress or even having to leave your home!

– Knowing exactly what steps to take.

– Knowing how to execute dips and twirls.

– Spending date night doing your new dance moves instead of sitting in front of the TV.

– Seeing that giant smile on your partner’s face.

– Feeling confident in your groove and moves.

– Knowing what to do when you “screw up” to turn it into a fun, enjoyable moment.

– Looking forward to wedding receptions and other special events with dancing.


Dance to Romance


Master the Slow Dance

The step-by-step virtual dance program for couples who want to create fun memories, connect deeply with each other and reignite romance in your relationship like it’s brand new…

all from the comfort of your own home!

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“My hubby and I connected in a different way through dance that I just don’t think you can in any other way. It’s hard to put into words”

Sharon Williams Martinez, Student

Testimonial from Heather Abbott, Canada

“He [Heather’s husband] hates dancing. To put it bluntly, he’s so uncomfortable when you ask him to dance. So, he will, with me alone preferably, with the lights out, but he did get on a dance floor with me at one point, and he had enough drinks in him He should have loosened up a tiny bit but, no, I went to reach for his hand and he just had it stiff at his side, and I was like, okay we’re done. And that’s so typical of most men, but he picked it up so fast Melanie! I’m so impressed. The first night we did the It’s All in the Knees video and we practiced for half an hour, and by the end of it, he was moving me around the room. I knew where he wanted me to go from his knees. He was a little sore afterwards, but he was excited about it. We’re having fun, we’re laughing our way through it. He’s actually enjoying it!”

Here’ s what you get inside Dance to Romance:

Module 1: Rhythm & How to Hold Your Partner

You’ll discover:

  • The Secret to Great Rhythm Even If You Think You Have None (Hint: It’s all in your knees!)

  • How to Maintain your Posture and Close Embrace With Your Partner

  • One Way to Get Into Promenade Position and Walk

Module 2: Basics with Rotation

Discover how to execute beautiful turns like:

  • The Basic Right Turn

  • The Left Turn With Rocks

  • The Left Turn With Open Box

  • The Left Turn With Closed Box & Rhythm Change

  • The Basic Right Turn to Promenade

Even if you have no idea what these turns are now, you’re going to be able to execute them with poise and personality by the end of module 2!

Module 3: Slow Side Movements

This module can be very intimate and sexy. You must try these creative ways to express yourself:

  • Side Steps With Hesitations

  • Side Steps With Taps

  • Side Steps With Hip Lifts

  • Side Steps With Sway

Module 4: Moves From Promenade

Walking in Promenade position can have many endings such as:

  • Promenade Walks with a Rock Ending

  • Promenade Walks with a Sway Ending

  • Promenade Walks with a Tap Ending

  • Promenade Walks with a Hip Lift Ending

  • Promenade Walks with Pivots at the End.

Module 5: Dips & Spins

This lesson is the pièce de résistance. If you really want to woo your partner, knowing how to masterfully dip and spin her will get her every time!

In our final module, you’ll learn how to:

  • Slow Corte from the Left Turn with Rock

  • Slow Corte from the Basic Right Turn

  • Spin Her From a Promenade & Put Her Into a Lunge Dip

  • Lean the Lady From a Roll In to a Lunge.

What makes Master the Slow Dance different?

Most online dance courses show you a move and quickly walk you through it maybe once before moving onto the next step.

That’s where Master The Slow Dance is different.

My goal is for you to MASTER the dance. That’s why, I take you by the hand and show you how to properly execute each step of each move. By not rushing through the steps, and teaching you the common faults you actually learn faster. You won’t be left wondering “am I doing it right?” or “do I look foolish?”

You’ll master this dance that will impress your partner and your friends even if you’re convinced you have two left feet!

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The Complete 5 Modules of

Master the Slow Dance $1200

+ 3 Months Bi-Weekly Q&A Calls with Melanie $700
+ FREE access to Master the Elements $297

+ Marriage Guide Book, “STAYING CLOSE”–Stopping the Natural Drift Toward Isolation in Marriage, by Dennis & Barbara Rainey $15

+ Learning Tools (PDF’s) $15

+ Private Facebook Group “Dance for Couples” (Priceless)

= $2227

Now Only 497
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Meet the Teacher

Hi, I’m Melanie Dale, the fun lady behind “Dance to Romance” and the creator of Ballroom Dance Mentor, a virtual service for people who want to learn from the comfort of their home or club.

I have been running A Step to Gold International Ballroom in Raleigh, NC for 20 years and absolutely love my students who have been studying with me for mostly over 12 years. With over 38 years of experience in the business I have trained professionals for years and have an extensive background in American and International styles of ballroom dancing. I have had the honor of working with many of the GREATS from Europe and the US including my former husband, the legendary, Larry Silvers, United States, 10-Dance Champion for many years.

I am really thrilled to be able to offer this program and hope it will bring you lasting memories of joy!


How long will I have access to the program?

You will have access to the modules for LIFE!

How long are the modules?

Each module takes less than an hour to complete.

How long should I practice for each week?

You should practice no less than one hour per week in addition to your learning. This will help your Q&A sessions be more productive. Remember, you can bring any questions to the calls.

Suppose I can’t learn it all?

Everyone is on a different learning curve, so don’t worry if you cannot do everything in 5 weeks. Very few people can.

Where can I go dancing?

Depending on where you live, there may be some ballrooms accessible in your location. If not, start your own dance group and find somewhere that will accommodate you.

What if I’m new to this whole ballroom dance thing?

You’re who this class is for! Master the Elements, your bonus videos, will help you be able to accomplish this course quicker and easier. If you can practice the exercises in this prep course first, you will be able to confidently perform the Slow Dance and other social dances a lot quicker.

Can I just learn this stuff for free on Youtube?

The amount of Slow dance instruction is very limited on YouTube. In addition, you will have a community that will help you through your challenges AND you will be able to receive personalized feedback from a professional instructor.

What if I am too busy?

Due to this being a virtual course, you have much more flexibility than if you were part of an in-person class. It is recommended that you show up for the bi-weekly Q&A calls that are accessible to you for 3 months where you can learn from others. Also, the private Breakthrough Sessions are invaluable. Otherwise, you can learn at your own pace!

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How to know Dance to Romance is right for you:

  • You and your partner are looking for a spark in your relationship.

  • You are looking for a community while also trying to be safe.

  • You are looking for a new hobby.

  • You need a fun way to stay active.

  • You feel as though your creativity has been stifled.

  • You see dancing as a way to lighten your mood and express yourself.

  • You would like to add more romance to your love life.

Join Dance to Romance Today!

*5 Modules of Master the Slow Dance $1200*

+ 3 Months Bi-Weekly Q&A Calls with Melanie $700

+ FREE access to Master the Elements $297

+Marriage Guide Book, “STAYING CLOSE”–Stopping the Natural Drift Toward Isolation in Marriage, by Dennis and Barbara Rainey $15

+ Learning Tools (PDF’s) $15

+ Private Facebook Group “Dance for Couples” (Priceless)

= $2227

Now Only 497

Join the Fun!

Confidence Enough to Romance Your Partner With the Slow Dance in the Next 5 Weeks or Less Guaranteed!

If you practice every week, do the homework, attend at least 1 Private Breakthrough Session with me and are not satisfied with this course within 30 days, I will gladly refund your money!


Real people. Real experiences.

Jeanette Corrao Whalen

I don’t do ballroom (yet!) but I’m very joyful when I’m tap dancing with a group of dancers who are joyful as well, fun to be with, love learning, can laugh at themselves as I’m laughing at myself, unafraid to try hard things, maybe failing but trying again. Learning from a professional, trying to be the best I can be, performing and bringing happiness to others, and the friendships made along the way….all just awesome.

Sharon Williams Martinez

Connecting and FUN. My hubby and I connected in a different way through dance that I just don’t think you can in any other way. It’s hard to put into words. We laughed every week.

Maureen E Oakes

Comforting, because when I go to the studio, it is like entering Brigadoon. The world melts away for a time.

Professional Testimonies

Tommy Ditommaso
Tommy DitommasoCompetition Judge and Adjudicator
“Dancing for me as a lost kid gave me the direction, dedication, and meaning to life that I so needed as a teenager. If it weren’t for the persistence of my friends to get me to a dance class, I have no idea where I would be today. Dancing has not only given me confidence, but I have also met the woman of my dreams through ballroom dancing. Under great teaching techniques by Melanie Dale, I learned so quickly and easily. that in no time I was moving and grooving on the dance floor. Not only did she teach me to be a good social dancer, she also coached me to become a U.S. Amateur Latin Champion. For that, I will always be grateful. If it wasn’t for Melanie I wouldn’t be where I am today in life, dancing and business. I would highly recommend Melanie Dale for everyone to take lessons from her.”
Victoria Reagan
Victoria Reagan5X Canadian Ballroom and Latin Champion
“I have known Melanie Dale for over 25 years and consider her a consummate professional in every way. She is extremely energetic and encouraging to anyone that she works with. Her passion for dance and people carries her through each day and she is relentless when it comes to setting and completing her goals. Melanie is fair and ethical, inspiring, conscientious, and self-disciplined and anyone that she trains is lucky to have the opportunity.”
Didio Barrera
Didio BarreraFeatured Editor at DanceSport News Magazine
“Melanie has studied under some of the best teachers in the country. She has studied hard and she is a terrific teacher who cares about people, who cares about what they’re doing and, who sincerely gives 100% of herself to the art of dancing.”