Why coming back to dance class will improve your life!

We’ve seen it time and time again; you sign up for dance lessons. You come to the classes and you enjoy them but then life gets in the way and you stop.  It happens, we totally understand but here are a few reasons that TODAY is the perfect day to come back to class!

  • Social wellbeing

After a year like we’ve had (Thanks 2020) we have all learned the importance of social connection. Isolation is not a normal human behavior. We as people crave the ability to connect with other humans for friendship and conversation.  Coming back to dance lessons is a fun and safe way to bring that connection back in to your life! Whether you participate virtually through an online class or in person(with the current standard of precautions in place of course) dance classes will help you meet new people and reconnect with old friends!

  • Physical Fitness

Don’t like hitting the gym but want to keep fit? Dance lessons are a great way to exercise without the feeling of working out. Not only will dance lessons help you burn calories but dance lessons will also help you with timing, coordination and balance. Ballroom dance is a competitive sport after all but even learning to be a social dancer will help you stay fit! Don’t believe us? Ask any of the celebrities who have been on Dancing with the Stars!

  • Romantic Life

Do you remember the first time you met your significant other? Do you remember the passion and excitement you felt? There is nothing quite like that feeling of falling in love. After a while with your partner, it can be easy to forget what that was like BUT dance lessons can help with that!  Dance classes with your significant other are an automatic date night. It’s a way to schedule in quality time together on a regular schedule with no phones, no kids, no distractions to reconnect, and learn something new. During dance lessons, you will learn new ways to communicate because communication is essential to moving in unison during any partner dance.  Additionally, physical touch is the most important aspect of partner dancing but also vital to romance in any long term relationship. The physical connection helps release a pleasure hormone called oxytocin. The physical touch, communication lessons and quality time dance lessons provide are like a long term investment in to the romance of your relationship.

  • Fun

We are a little biased here but we cannot think of something more fun to do. Put on some good music, dance, and try not to smile. I bet you, you can’t. Dancing is an instant mood booster. I have never seen a sad person dancing and I bet you haven’t either. Learning to social dance is a great way to find more activities to put on your social calendar which in turn provides you with more ways to have fun!

Can’t wait to see you in class soon!

Call (919)781-6868 or email us at dance@asteptogold.com for more information on dance lessons

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