What to Wear when Stepping to Gold

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A common question a new dancer asks is “What should I wear for my first dance lesson?” To answer that question the dress at A Step to Gold Ballroom is dressy casual and a little more dressed up for parties. For those who would like a few more guidelines, here are my suggestions. 

Beginning with the ladies, we recommend wearing something comfortable whether for a lesson or party. Many women wear slacks as well as skirts or dresses to both lessons and parties. It may be necessary to wear comfortable shorts under your skirt or dress if it rises when spinning. Women wear all types of tops but it may be best to wear short sleeve knitted tops or cotton shirts to keep cool. Shoes with a low or medium heel with leather soles are the best option. Ballroom shoes are designed to make wearing heeled shoes more comfortable and we sell them at the studio. Don’t let uncomfortable shoes ruin your fun!

Personally, I enjoy dressing up for the parties with a skirt and jewelry

For men attending their 1st  lesson and party, they usually wear slacks or even jeans.  Think casual but neat.  The biggest concern is shoes.  Men should wear shoes that will slide across the floor.  Sneakers and flip flops are not functional. Professional dress shoes are fine, loafers or even Sperry’s (boat shoes) work.  After beginning lessons, men might consider ballroom dance shoes as they are more comfortable and create a smoother glide on the floor.


The best advice I can give is to not allow wardrobe issues to keep you from dancing. Dressing up is enjoyable to some but again it is not necessary for dancers at any level. For those who do like to dress up do not worry about being overdressed because there is a wide variety of dress at a party. We look forward to dancing with you![/st_text][/st_column][/st_row]

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