What to Wear when Stepping to Gold

[st_row id_wrapper=”elm_593856ab19984″ ][st_column span=”span12″][st_heading el_title=”What to Wear” font=”custom” font_face_type=”google fonts” font_face_value=”Open Sans” font_size_value_=”25″ color=”#dba901″ border_bottom_width_value_=”2″ border_bottom_style=”dashed” border_bottom_color=”#dba901″ id_wrapper=”st_heading_976d8b7a9e1815647658140c14c9d497″ ]What to Wear when Stepping to Gold[/st_heading][st_text el_title=”What to wear” id_wrapper=”st_text_48b00c4048909fd255788139522e5130″ ]  A common question a new dancer asks is “What should I wear for my first dance lesson?” To answer that question the dress at A …

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