Private Dance Lessons are scheduled at your convenience Monday through Sunday depending on availability and are not posted on the calendar.



September 2016


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Specialty Series Classes

Specialty Series Classes or Semi-Private classes are posted on the calendar. These are classes that are available for people who are not on a Medalist Program and are limited to 12 students.

Private group class
Certain times are available for your special group and priced according to the number enrolled and the number of weeks enrolled. Please contact us to discuss if you have a special group you would like to bring to the Ballroom.


Set your week off dancing to a good start at our VARIETY CLASS AND PARTY.  Sundays are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Check the calendar for other Public Events. Bring a bottle of wine or beer to share if you like to share with your friends (we know you’d rather be dancing than drinking). Please no liquor.


Basic Bronze Class –  This class is structured to give the novice students who are taking private lessons new ways to use the basic patterns in two dances each week. The two dances rotate weekly. One basic rhythm & one basic smooth dance will be practiced.  “Practice makes perfect!”

Silver Class – This class focuses on advanced dances such as Viennese Waltz, West Coast Swing, Bolero as well as the six major dances.


Newcomer Class – This class is designed to teach Newcomers just how easy it is to learn 5 basic elements that are used in all of the social dances.  True, each dance has its own style and technique, but there are only 5 elements that you need to learn to be able to get up and dance! The elements are done in different dance positions to different rhythms which comprises the different ways you move with a partner.

Newcomer Practice Party – After you have learned the basic 5 elements and how we put them together for various dances such as Foxtrot and Swing, it is time to practice under the supervision of the instructors, with the instructors and with other students who love to help the newcomers get started.  How could you ask for more? ” And FUN is had by all.” You must be a guest or on a dance program to attend this event. Call today if you are a newcomer! We would love to meet you and show you a good time!


Drills for Rhythm and Smooth– Melanie Dale teaches this class with emphasis on styling and the ability to move in different ways that is required for an accomplished dancer. this class should be attended by anyone on a Bronze I or higher level. It is Open to the Public. Put this on your google calendar!

Full Bronze – This class is working on different rhythms and exploring new dance positions such as “shadow” and “left or right side” position.  Taught by Kem Overby, Melanie Dale or Glen Lovelace, there is always something to learn.


Associate Bronze – This class works on an intermediate level of Bronze which is a very popular level of social dancing. Students on a program who have completed Basic Bronze are ready to expand their knowledge beyond the basics.


Stretch and Strengthen Class – Need to stretch those aching muscles and open up those back vertebrae?  This class is for everyone who wants to strengthen their back and core while stretching those tight muscles in the legs and hips. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need that! A strong back is a healthy body. This class will be taught by Melanie Dale.  Melanie bases the class on her college jazz dance training with Frank Wagner.  Frank has passed away but his legend lives on in the dance world.

Mr. Wagner was perhaps best known for his work at the International School of Dance at Carnegie Hall in New York, where he taught modern jazz movement for more than 25 years. Among his students were Chita Rivera, Rita Moreno, Shirley Jones and innumerable Broadway dancers. He also taught at the International Dance Festival in Cologne, Germany, and at the Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen.

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